We at Woodkraft prioritize the safety of our employees without having to compromise on it. We ensure that every Kraftian follows our safety policy and protocols to make our project sites, offices, factories and warehouses a ‘Zero’ accident site.

We strive towards improving our environment and involvement with all employees to achieve a safer, healthier and ‘Zero’ accident workplace. Safety being an essential and integral part of our business, we safeguard our employees and consider the safety of our customers and their workforce while designing and building workspaces.

Our Policies And Protocols

At Woodkraft we follow stringent safety policies and protocols, for our employees and clients. Safety is the most important aspect for everything we do.

  • Environment Safety

      Using low health-impacting adhesives, paints & coatings, sealants and construction materials

      Using Low-flow water fixtures for efficient water management (on-site and for the project)

      Using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood

      Providing optimum turf-cover and landscaping, with water-efficient irrigation systems

      Detailed logistics plans for material movement, photographic records, documentation, recycling, site-cleanliness, waste and debris

  • Health Safety

      Site Safety Plan

      Emergency Response matrix

      Safety Organogram for situation escalation

      A ‘Find-It-First’ policy towards prevention of new accidents

      Mandatory on-site PPE – Personal Protective Equipment, ID badges and health-check-ups

      First-aid access and administration capabilities

      Periodic checks on scaffolding, ladders, electrical system and tools

  • General Safety

      Qualified on-site EHS inspector

      In-house EHS training programmes

      Daily reporting by the Safety Supervisor

      Site inspection to ensure compliance with safety measures

      Strict adherence to No Child Labour policy

      Fire extinguishers at site

  • Construction Safety Policy

      Appointment of a well-trained EHS Supervisor at site

      Fire extinguishers at site

      Site induction training

      All our workers & staff with Badges, Helmets

      Safety harness, Shoes, Gloves, Masks for specific jobs. Child labour will not be employed

      All tools & machinery will have proper wire and plug

      First aid arrangements at site

COVID Measures

With COVID-19 still being on a rampage, we at Woodkraft are taking extra care and precaution to keep our employees safe and healthy. We are following several safety measures to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for all.

    New Safety Induction & Implementation (including all COVID-19 measures) for everyone at site, office & visitors

    Regular COVID-19 tests and pulse oxymeter checkups conducted at project sites.

    Reusable cotton masks and T-face shields provided to every employee at project sites.

    Foot-pedal hand sanitising dispensers and disinfectant tunnels installed at office and project sites.

    Thermal scanning made compulsory for employees and clients.

    PPE talk and Toolbox talk includes COVID-19 measures which is conducted at sites.

    Special training sessions on precautionary measures to stem COVID-19 is conducted on a weekly basis


Woodkraft’s continuous diligence towards a safer work environment, has resulted in elated customers and clients appreciating our delivery and integrity.

Year Manpower Safe Man
hrs Worked
box Talk
covered In
tool Box Talk
First Aid
Incidents Man Days
Jan/19 – Dec/19 364813 3641830 7179 1824 33344 76 28 NIL NIL NIL NIL 223
Jan/20 – Dec/20 260417 2604170 6182 2693 60537 116 9 NIL NIL NIL NIL 138
Jan/21 – May/21 154462 1544620 2732 1130 27643 65 12 NIL NIL NIL NIL 94
Year Jan/19 – Dec/19 Jan/20 – Dec/20 Jan/21 – May/21
Manpower 364813 260417 154462
Safe man hrs worked 3641830 2604170 1544620
People inducted 7179 6182 2732
Tool box talk conducted 1824 2693 1130
People covered in tool box talk 33344 60537 27643
Near miss 76 116 65
First aid cases 28 9 12
Incidients NIL NIL NIL
Man days lost NIL NIL NIL
Frequency rate NIL NIL NIL
Severity rate NIL NIL NIL
Safety committee meeting 223 138 94

EHS Appreciation

Woodkraft has been delivering ground-breaking solutions in collaboration with clients throughout the world, resulting in loyal and elated customers who appreciate our delivery and integrity.

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